Puppy Training – Standard

home dog puppy training sessions potty play socialization obedience behavior
This is our most popular Puppy Training Package.  For a one time fee, we will provide you with four training sessions in your home.  We encourage the entire family to attend so that you can all understand the appropriate way to work with your new puppy.  The general  items that we cover in this program include:


  • Potty Training – Learn to go outside or to use the inside Wee-Wee pads
  • Socialization:
    • How to behave with other dogs and people
    • Don’t misbehave in the car or public places
    • Learn to be calm around household noises
    • Introduction to all the moving vehicles in our human world
    • Acceptance of the sounds around us
    • Understanding the feel of surfaces
    • etc…
  • Appropriate Behavior:
    • Understanding what is correct and incorrect
    • Control Barking
    • Eliminate jumping
    • Stop nipping and biting
    • Don’t chew the furniture
    • Redirect the need to dig up the yard
    • Stay out of special rooms
    • Understanding how to control and eliminate Separation Anxiety
    • Etc…
  • Obedience:
    • Come
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Walk
    • Leave it
    • Etc…