Dog Training Tools

Robin and I have found some products that are really helpful in training your dog and keeping him safe.  We have gone onto Amazon and listed the main ones we find helpful to our clients.

Martingale Collars – These are great because they provide a safe and effective “training snap” for the dog owner when they need to get their dog’s attention without harming them.  We have use them for years.

Petsafe Easy Walk Harness – If your dog is pulling on the leash and not paying attention on the walk, this will often help resolve that quickly and easily.  The secret is that the leash is connected to the harness at the dog’s chest.  When the dog pulls, he naturally turns back to you.  It is like the dog is actually correcting himself and focusing back to you!

Six Foot Dog Leash for Larger Dogs – The good, old-fashioned dog leash is always the best!

Six Foot Dog Leash for Puppies & Smaller Dogs – This is the leash for smaller dogs and puppies. You also have the opportunity to order this product in longer lengths that can be used for distance training.

Baskerville Dog Muzzles – When a dog nips or bites, that can make the owner scared.  This is a humane tool to allow us to train you and your dog to have the nipping and biting end while keeping the owner “out of the line of fire”.

Classic Kong Dog Toy – This is our favorite chew/food toy.  Dogs love it because of the goodies you can stick in it.  They also love chewing on the high quality, American made rubber.  Your dogs have had them for many, many years.