Training Programs

home dog training lifetime guarantee of support

We offer a variety of different training programs so we can give your pet exactly the help they need.  All of our programs offer a Lifetime Support Guarantee.


Puppy Training

We offer Puppy Training to help teach your puppy the basics so it can be the best it can be going forward. With an emphasis on socialization, your puppy will learn how to play with other puppies and how to respond to play with a person as well.  We offer multiple training programs.  They are listed below:

We also offer a special, free service for our clients with puppies under one year of age.  It is a special Puppy Club that allows our clients’ puppies to come and play in a large, clean, and safe environment.  This allows them to fully develop their social skills in the same way if they were naturally left with their mother.  The problem is that most breeders remove their puppies when they are physically ready to leave their mother, but not necessarily socially ready.  To find out more about this great Puppy Service, please click South Florida Dog Training Puppy Club.


One on One Training

We find that our training is most effective and easiest to learn when done one on one in your home.  Our goal is to build the appropriate relationship between you and your dog.  Once this is accomplished you will have the natural ability to communicate what is right and what is wrong.  We offer several packages: