Groomers in South Florida

Many times, our clients ask us about choosing a dog groomer.  We never recommend a single groomer, because the true decision of whether a groomer is right  for our client and their dog rests in the chemistry between the two.  What we do in this instance is to inform our client of several groomers that we  regularly visit in their area and encourage them to interview the staff and inspect the salon to make sure that there is a good fit.

We are trying to encourage an appropriate fit and long term relationship between our client, their dog, and the groomer.  This is what is truly best for all  parties involved.  Below, we have provided the groomers that we regularly visit.  We talk with the staff take note of the conditions.  We feel comfortable in suggesting you pick several of them and determine the appropriate groomer for your needs.

We have given you two search options.  First, you can scan an alphabetical list of groomers in South Florida and then dig down for additional information.  You also have the option to see the locations of all the groomers in South Florida on a map.  You can then drill down for additional information.

We try our best to keep all our information up to date.  If you see any errors in the information or notice that there is a groomer in a particular area that is not  listed, please contact us and we will make every effort to correct the problem.