dog training veterinarian hospitals in south florida  Vet Clinics and Services in South Florida We have compiled a list of Vet Clinics and Services that we visit.  Please use this list to identify the clinics we are familiar with in your area.  Please click on Vet Clinics Visited by Home Dog Training of South Florida.




SPAY AND NEUTERING PETS for dog training in south florida

Spay or Neuter Your Pet
The Friends of Animals Organization offers a great program that provides great discounts to spay or neuter your dog or cat.  The great thing is that you might even be able to have the operation done by your pet’s own Veterinarian!  We always recommend this process in order to keep your pet safe and healthy.  For more information and go get your discount coupon, please click on Friends of Animals.




dog walking services for dog training in davie and weston

Local Dog Walking Services in South Florida
The bottom line is that we want to make sure that your dogs are walked properly even if you don’t have the time.  As a special service to our friends and neighbors in South Florida, we have prepared a list of local Dog Walkers that we have personally met.  If you are in need of Dog Walking / Boarding Services, please call several of the individuals in your area.  Please click on South Florida Dog Walkers.



dog kennels pet boarding south floridaLocal Doggie Day Care/Overnight Kennels
If you don’t have the time to get your doggie out for some good, regular exercise, we often suggest using Doggie Day Cares for that.  Many of them have the facilities to overnight your dog as well.  Check out some of the facilities that we visit and see if one is right for you.  If you have any questions regarding if this is the best thing for you, please click on South Florida Doggie Day Care and Pet Kennels.




dog groomers for dog training success in broward county


Groomers in South Florida
Here is a list of groomers that we visit.  Please use this list to identify the groomers we are familiar with in your area.  Please click on South Florida Dog Groomers.





dog food stores nutrition and dog training in south floridaDog Food Stores in South Florida
As Home Dog Training of South Florida, we always feed our dogs healthy, high quality foods.  One of the fresh dog foods we feed our dogs is called Life’s Abundance and can only be purchased over the internet.  It is made fresh in Jupiter, Florida (just up the road).  For more information and to have the food delivered to your doorstep, please click on The Best Dog Food in South Florida.  If you would like information and directions to Dog Food Stores we visit in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, please click on Great Dog Food Stores in South Florida.



dog training south florida dog travel and vacation services



Traveling With Your Dog
Traveling with your pets can sometimes be a great deal of trouble.  You pull up to the hotel at night just to find out that they don’t accept dogs or have an outragious pet fee.  Bring Fido is a web site that provides Great Dog Travel Solutions to make your trip safe, happy, and fun.





dog parks pet training south floridaDog Parks in South Florida
We always like to first suggest that you use your back yard to play with your dog, create “play dates” with other, friendly dogs in your community, or take your dog to a doggie day care.  If this is not possible, careful introduction to a community dog park would be a good idea.  We do not take our dogs to dog parks, but would like to offer you a list of possibilities.  To find the dog park in South Florida, click (Dog Parks in South Florida).


DOG INSURANCE pet training dog safety south florida

Doggie Insurance
You want the best for your pet and so do we. That’s why we partnered with Hartville to offer you pet health insurance.  We know that vet bills can get rather high and that is why we are now offering a great safety net for you and Wolfie!  To learn more and get a free quote, please click for Great Dog Insurance.



Dog Training in Weston FloridaCalming and Soothing Music
There have been many studies that show that inappropriate behavioral issues such as anxiety and circumstances such as thunderstorms can be minimized through Calming and Soothing Music.





dog rescue home dog training south floridaDog Rescue Organization
We are familiar with many Dog Rescue Groups serving South Florida.  These groups are made up of dog-loving volunteers who do everything they can to save dogs and give them great lives.  We are excited to work with them to promote the safety and well-being of these great animals.





dog safety training happy family pet socialization south florida

Dog Safety Handouts
We have put together a set of Dog Safety Material that we distribute to Veterinary Hospitals, Rescue Organizations, and other Doggie Organizations.  These handouts focus on simple safety rules to maintain a happy dog and family.  We would like to make them available to all who may need them.