Puppy Club

home dog training free puppy club for socialization and education

We invite any of our clients with puppies that are under one year of age to join us for our biweekly Puppy Club and Socialization Experience.  Your  Home Dog Training Dog Trainers are always present as well as each puppy’s owner.

puppy socialization weston cooper city plantation miramar pembroke pines group classOur main goal is to allow the puppies to socialize in a natural and safe environment.  During the one hour engagement, we will point out how the puppies are talking to each other and how they are learning how to fit and socialize with the rest of the puppies.  Since most puppies are taken away from their mommies at an early age, they have not become completely socialized.  This free and fun Puppy Club helps to fulfill that void in the puppy’s life experience.

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