Potty Training

puppy training potty training south florida miami fort lauderdalePotty training a dog can often be one of the most frustrating tasks we face as new dog owners.  We often find our puppy’s little mistakes all over the house or they decide to go right in front of us or on our favorite chair.  We look for advice on the internet or ask our friends and neighbors for advice and get a wide range of suggestions.  The problem is that no one ever tells us what to do when “it goes wrong”.

We have a proven method that has been in place for over nine years and has worked with hundreds of puppies and even mature dogs.  The one thing that you need to understand is that we are not “potty training” our dogs, we are “potty training” ourselves.

  • dog POTTY TRAINING puppy toilet training We need to understand how to manage our puppy’s environment so that they don’t want to go in specific places.
  • We need to understand how to manage our puppy’s diet.
  • We need to establish the appropriate schedule to get our puppy outside and encourage them to potty in the appropriate location.
  • We need to understand what do to when we find an “accident”.

It is all about building the appropriate plan and understand how to manage the process.  We remove the mystery and help you have a great, potty trained puppy.