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 Current Training and Safety Articles

  • Understand Your Leadership Style for your Dog - I was in Weston last week at a Home Dog Training Session with a new client and his Dutch Shepherd named Drachen.  The Shepherd was having a hard time focusing and respecting my clients.  Although headstrong, Dutch Shepherds are easy to teach once you get their attention.  We got Drachen’s attention and he quickly understood […]
  • Keep Your Dog Safe this Halloween - I was in Wilton Manors last week at a Home Dog Training Session with a new client and his Toy Poodle named Margaret.  The toy poodle had a problem walking on a leash and running out the front door when my client had guests over.  After just two hours, those issues were solved and we […]
  • Understanding How to Show Affection to Your Dog - Last Thursday I was with a new Home Dog Training client and his puppy Cane Corso, Missie, in Fort Lauderdale.  Being such a big dog, he wanted to make sure he was doing everything right from the start.  Luckily, Missie is a calm and respectful puppy and my client quickly understood his role of resolute […]
  • Prepare for the Loss of a Dog - Last week I was at a new Home Dog Training client in Parkland to help him with his Golden Retriever named Dakota.  All Dakota needed was a little direction to understand that she needed to give my client respect and focus.  All my client needed was a clear understanding of how to communicate his wishes […]
  • Dog Training Starts with The Family (And Not the Dog) - We were recently at a Home Dog Training session with new clients in Southwest Ranches and their Catahoula named Lurch.  We were called in to help because our client told us that their dog was just really crazy and never listened to a single thing they said.  They had taken him to one of those […]
  • Keep Your Dog Safe for the Elevator Ride - We were at a Home Dog Training session with some clients and their Border Collie named Sagebrush in Bal Harbour on Friday afternoon.  They had arrived here early for the season from their farm in upstate New York.  They had leased a great condo in a high rise on the beach with beautiful views and […]
  • How to Train Your Dog When Your Family is Crazy -   We were at a Home Dog Training revisit session with a family and their Australian Shepherd in Boynton Beach last week.  Their dog that was fine when we had left at the end of the first session and we were returning because the family said he had reverted to his old ways.  The first […]
  • Prepare Your Dog for Back to School Time - I was in Deerfield Beach last Wednesday with a new Home Dog Training client and his Morkie named Mischief.  Mischief really wasn’t that mischievous and we corrected his issues of focus, barking, and stealing very quickly.  As I was finishing up the session and writing some training notes for my client, he had one more […]
  • Never Use an Extension Leash to Walk Your Dog, Never - I was at a new Home Dog Training client in Plantation for his first lesson with their family and their great, German Shepherd, Alex.  Alex was a very smart and mostly good dog.  He was just a little headstrong.  The family was, unknowingly, giving into Alex’s wishes and were not gaining the proper leadership position.  […]
  • Have a Great Bike Ride - I was over Sunny Isles last week working with a new Home Dog Training client and her Visula named Twain. The big, “A priority” problem we initially tackled was Twain’s jumping problem and his consistent habit of running out the front door.  We solved those issues pretty quickly. As I was finishing up the lesson and […]

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