Dog Safety Handouts

dog safety canine behavior training literatureAs Dog Trainers and the parents of five great pooches, we are always concerned about proper dog safety.  Over the years, we have been compiling handouts that we distribute to Veterinary Hospitals, Rescue Organizations, Schools, etc. that discuss dog safety and general well-being.  We would like to share them with you.  Please feel free to use them for your organization.




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Dog Safety Around the House
What is safe for us might not be safe for our doggies around the house.  Be sure you are ready and have planned for it.



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The Arrival of a New Baby or Doggies
Having a new baby is always a wonderful time.  Besides preparing yourself for such a lifestyle change, you need to prepare your pup.  This can also be said of adding new doggies to your family.



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General Safety Topics
Just general things you need to consider with your pooch.




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Dog Safety During The Holidays and Seasons
We love our holidays and we should make sure that our doggies love them too.  Seasons change and so do our doggie’s needs.



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Out and About (Away from the House)
Our dogs look to us for their well-being all the time.  When we are away from our home, they need even more assurance that everything is fine.



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Weather Issues
Just like the rest of our family, we have to make sure our dogs are prepared for inclement weather.



We are currently updating many of our handouts and hope to be able to provide you with the complete list in the near future.