Call Bruce and Robin

Robin and I are dedicated to responding to you within 24 hours of your call*.  We have been experiencing some issues with our communications service provider causing some calls to drop and some voice mails not to reach us.

Please understand that we can not be responsible for technical issues caused by our or any other communications service provider.

To try to work around these issues beyond our control, we wish to provide you with every opportunity to reach us immediately so that we can assist you with your training/safety questions.

Please pick the device you are using to contact us:

* Our normal hours of operation are Mon-Sat 9AM – 6PM.  We hope you understand that we do not work on Sundays.  If you send us an email or voice mail late Saturday afternoon of Saturday evening while we are at trainings or on Sunday while we are sharing the day with our family, we might not return the message until Monday.  Thank you for your understanding.